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3.10.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Wow this is really old news now.  It has just been that kind of week...for multiple weeks now. 

Andrew and I made it to Kansas City for the K-State/Iowa State game and had SO much fun.  It was awesome being able to see so many good friends.  And, it was so nice staying in Kansas City for the weekend instead of rushing back like we always end up doing after weddings.

So anyways, our seats were super high up...

and then a stroke up luck hit...and I made it down on the field thanks to a very generous offer through our good friend Stacy Simmer.  What an experience.  I used a borrowed press pass and although I was down on the field during halftime and only shortly after, it was awesome to practice my new photo skills.

Things look so different from on the field. 

And you see different things.  Like the band jamming to Glee tunes.

Like stacks of shoes. 

And Iowa State running to defeat.  :)

And something I never knew was how hot it is down there.  Zero breeze.  I wanted to do this so bad. 

And these guys are so much bigger face-to-face.  Yikes.  And also way more tatooed.   

Hello, huge man. 

After dinner at Kona later that night, and a great shoot with Sarah and Ginger the next day, we headed home after an amazing weekend. 

Can't wait for the game on Thursday against the Huskers.  And, can't wait to practice night shooting.  :)

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