Holy Bump, I'm 12 Weeks Pregnant

28.1.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I read somewhere that when you are pregnant with your first, you check every day for your bump to start showing, 
and it eventually does...way later than you think it will (18 weeks with Ham).

With your second, the bump pops much sooner, and you think you will be HUGE by the time you give birth, 
but it all evens out as the pregnancy goes along (12 weeks with Nelle).

And with your third, you walk out of the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test and pop.
The bump.

I'm just over 12 weeks in this picture, but I've been trying to suck this belly in for weeks now.  
It doesn't cooperate.

I've felt really good overall, just feeling naueous a handful of times, and it quickly passed with either some food or rest.  

Oh my gosh, rest.

It's my drug of choice.  I am so exhausted. 
I survive day-to-day thinking about the next time I will be able to sleep.  Naptime?  Early bedtime?  5:30pm when Andrew gets home?  
Will anyone notice if I just close my eyes while I lay here on this couch and the kids sneak Hershey Kisses under the dining room table?  Maybe Franklin, but he's not talking.

My parents were here the first part of this week, and they took care of the kids this morning so I could sleep in a bit.  
It was the equivalent to Christmas morning for me. 
So. Amazing.

They also came two weeks ago when I got a nasty stomach bug that almost landed me in the hopsital with severe dehydration until Andrew forced Gatorade down my throat for three hours straight.  Thank goodness for parents that drive two hours to go buy me popsicles when Andrew couldn't take off any more work, and thank goodness for husbands that come home right away when you call and say, "I just threw up four times."  And that's it.


I know we're not even quite a third of the way in with this little bean, but Andrew and I are both for SURE this little bug is a boy.  Of course we're not finding out because I just love the suspense, and speculation, but mostly the surprise.  But we were hanging out last week after the kids went to bed, and we just turned and looked at each other and said, "this one's a boy."  To which I responded, "I've never been surer than anything in my life."

We've disagreed on the first two predictions.  Andrew's always been right.
So if this baby is a girl...

...I mean, it's not, so nothing to discuss there.

What I do know for 100% sure is I daydream about snuggling another little newborn, and I just melt already.  
I know August will come quickly, and we will be ready and at the same time won't be ready, but I am for sure ready for that.