The Favorite Part of My Day

18.1.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

One night last week, after Andrew and I had gotten ready for bed, checked on the littles, and slipped between the cool sheets and heavy pile of covers for the night, he asked me what my favorite part of my day was.  I kind of thought he was being a bit facetious because it had been one of those days that would have leaned on the pendulum towards tougher vs easier.  It was really for the most part fine until about 4:45 when I was trying to start dinner, and typical to just lately, Nelle hits her wall and instead of being my sweet, happy, easy-to-please girl, turns into leg-clinger and whine/crier until we eat dinner.  Which is never soon enough, especially when dinner takes longer to make with a baby on your leg.  13 months is tough on a girl.  Andrew had gotten home after the kids were in bed the day before, and he was later than normal on this day too, and by the time he arrived,
I was waving my white flag.  

Actually, if I'm being honest, I think my words to him via iPhone were


leaving now.

Good, because we are circling the drain.

I'm pretty sure that's what every husband wants to hear as he gets ready to head home after a long day at his job to another marathon of the most excited, glorious greeting ever from his biggest fans, dinner, baths, books, bedtimes, cleaning the kitchen, picking up toys, and then finally relaxing.

Every day people.

So, I wasn't ready for his question, but even after a hard couple of hours at the end of the day, I could still think of something.  Pretty quickly really.

After we eaten lunch that day, and by we, I mean Henry and Nelle
because you know they get their food eaten almost always before I've even plopped down with mine,
they went into the other room to play, and I watched them from the table as I ate, trying to be a fly on the wall because they were playing. 
 "pick me upppppp" face and hands

And no one had gotten pushed over.  And no one was crying.

They were both sitting in front of the toy cabinet, and Nelle was trying her hardest to make her babble into coherence, and Henry was babbling back at her, trying his hardest to talk as mumbled jumbled as possible because that's what he does when he gets excited.

I'd call it a conversation.


A conversation.

They were sharing toys, and both getting new toys out, and laughing together, and it was just the perfect moment of calm I needed to regroup.

And finish my lunch.


Then I asked Andrew what his favorite part of the day was, and it was playing "fumble" as Henry calls football these days on the floor which is essentially Henry running as fast as he can with his K-State football and flinging himself as hard as he can onto your body.  Over and over again.
The kid doesn't do anything halfway.

Except this game was special because there was a special post-game show, aka Henry and Andrew taking turns blowing on Nelle's belly, producing a symphony of fart noises and belly laughs from all involved.


So. The moral of the story.

They're the best part of our day.  Every day.