Rest, Rest, Rest - Rest is Best

Please join me in letting out a big 'ol collective sigh for a good 30 seconds. 
Maybe more. 
Because this week has been a doozie.

The highlight is I got strep throat and was pretty miserable from Monday afternoon through Thursday morning.  Like crazy sore throat, chills, aches, headaches and fever.  The doctor prescribed me a z-pack and gave me other tips to relieve my symptoms like Ibprofen for my throat, a liquid Tylenol great for relieving throat pain as well, and rest.  



My sweet cherub children have had some good moments this week, but to be completely honest, when I'm not on my a-game, they totally know it and some people like to test how much they can get away with.  Not naming any names, but it's the same child that happens to test everything I say or do from sun up to sun down because that is what this certain child finds fun...strong-willed to the extreme.

I had such good intentions for this week!  I took all three to the store on Monday afternoon so we could get groceries for the week and make soup that night after a dreary rainy morning.  One of my fave soups, except apparently no one else in my family likes it.  Like at all.  We told the kids they didn't have to eat it after they tried three bites.  And Nelle gagged on each spoonful.  Literallyyyyy was trying not to vomit as she painfully ate three bites.  The nerve!  And she didn't finish the rest, imagine that.

I know you're dying for the recipe now, but unfortunately(?) for you the link I had saved to my Pinterest isn't working anymore.

I had to reschedule a shoot I was sooo looking forward to, and instead of getting caught up on work this week I'm pretty much where I started on Monday.

And Nelle has screamed as much as she has breathed today.


I am feeling better.

And at some point, the laundry will get finished and put away, and my house won't be filthy forever (or will it....), and everyone's shoots will get edited.

Happy Friday all!  Here's to health and finding time this weekend to enjoy and rest.

And hoping no one else in my family gets strep.  But if someone were to, my money is on Ham since he asked to have one of my pieces of toast this morning after he polished off his own breakfast and asked for more food (current theme for every meal/snack lately), and I said yes, but only the one that I haven't taken any bites out of yet, and wouldn't you know he did the exact opposite.

2016 Season Opener

Last Friday I kept the kids up past naptime until Andrew could make it home a bit early so we could drive to Manhattan and stroll through Purple Power Play, stay the night with my parents, and then head to the Bill on Saturday morning for the annual family reunion...with 50,000 of our kin.  Ha.

But seriously, we look forward to football season so much every year, and try to include our kids whenever we can.  Or feel up to it.  Or Andrew agrees to it.  Sometimes it's the first scenario, many times it's the second or third.  Because having a baby strapped to you with your four-year-old lying on you while the middle naps away on your husband under the blazing hot late summer sun is exactly how football was meant to be watched!  Go Cats!   

So maybe June won't make it to another game this year.  
But we can say we took all three to at least one this season and lived to tell the tale.

June did her best to spend the least amount of time with us as possible as she thought everyone else's tailgates looked better than ours.  Rude.  Nelle tried her hardest to keep baby sis in line, but soon got distracted by wide-stance leg dancing with a bit of parking lot twirling, except for when she and Henry tried to play catch with a mini football and caught it approximately two times between the two of them out of 100 throws.

I just cannot for the life of me figure out why I was utterly exhausted at halftime.

I love that this crew is growing up with these traditions and it just makes me so happy when they see the stadium and their eyes light up.
Worth it, worth it.  Exhausting, but worth it.

Looking forward to another season, more tailgates, and time with this crew of Wildcats.

ps, for fun - 2015 season opener (OMGeeeee! Teeny tiny newborn June!), 2014 season opener (baaaby Nelle and chubby toddler Ham, 2013 season here and here (preggo with Nelle) , 2012 season (Ham's first game!)

Eight Years In

On Tuesday Andrew and I celebrated our eighth anniversary!  And celebrated is used loosely here because I'm not sure how else to write about it.  We actually went out on Friday night last week to officially celebrate it, so on Tuesday we acknowledged it??  

Andrew worked, and we made dinner at home like most/all Tuesdays, but then after we all went for a little drive so I could location scout for a couple of upcoming shoots.  

June's teething in a major way right now (that happens when you only have two teeth through the first 13 months of your life...eventually they do all have to come in, and the time is nowwww), so she and Andrew ended up staying in the car, and the bigs and I high-stepped it through some pretty tall grass into a field of wild sunflowers.  

We stayed for maybe only 10 minutes after getting in some test shots, while Henry and Nelle twirled, picked flowers, and flew like airplanes through the open field.

I love this time of year because the sunflowers always remind me of the time of our wedding.  The wild ones pop up a week or two before and linger for about the same amount of time after, just like they did the year we were married.

We let the bigs stay up past bedtime to have s'mores with us in the backyard by the fire pit, listened to Pat Green, and it wasn't lost on me that this typical, normal Tuesday night in September although ordinary was also extraordinary in many ways too.

Life could not be more different for us compared to when a 22 and 23-year-old got married and decided to make a life together.  And I love that we choose to show up every day to keep making it better and better.  We do the day-to-day, the routines, the mundane, and then somewhere along the way, we realize the every day is the good stuff.  I mean, I love a good date night, but give me Tuesday night over and over again.  Hand-holding in the car, country music around a fire, tucking babies into beds, talking about our days, and falling asleep by the one I said I do to eight years ago.

Because if this is what eight years in looks like, I can't wait to see what's yet to be.

The best is yet to be.

The Hard-Work Store

We spent Labor Day weekend doing a mix of things around the house, working a bit, and trying to check a few things off our to-do list
that always seems to be growing instead of shrinking.  

Things like replacing the toilet paper holder in our master bath that Henry somehow lost literally probably two years ago. #1) I just still don't understand how he lost it, and #2) I doubly don't understand why we haven't replaced it yet.  Oh yesssssss, #kids #life.  Hashtag who has time?!?

I'm now living the life of luxury
with an official place to put my toilet paper in my own bathroom.  
Be jealous, people.

I also finally asked enough times for Andrew to build the kids a little DIY dress-up clothes rack that he gave in and did it.  Hooray, nagging for the win!

We told the bigs we needed to go to the hardware store to pick up supplies, and while we were there I got a few other things to tackle some other projects that have been in the back of my head for a while.  The kids were pumped because they think any outting is an adventure, but they especially love going to the hardware store because usually Andrew will take them individually for a little one-on-one time.  And I personally love when this happens because hello conquer and divide, plus they think we're calling in the hard-work store instead of the hard-ware store.  I die.

And in case there was any doubt, this is how Nelle feels about the hard work that comes from gathering supplies at the hard-work store.

Helping quickly turned into a pretend gondola ride in the box that held the wooden dowels, and the funniest thing...Andrew was pretty much done immediately after that.  Ha.

I put the rack downstairs while Henry was at school yesterday morning and Nelle helped me hang up some of their dress-up stuff...astronaut costumes, and fireman suit, and superhero capes.  Funny how you just move something to a new spot, and they act like it's brand new.  We've been playing superheros a lot since, and after June went to bed yesterday evening, the bigs practiced their cape flying skills on the swings.

Sometimes (read - a LOT of times) I get bogged down in the sludge of parenting/working, and struggle to let myself just be and appreciate this stage we're in, but lately, noticing their littleness, and creativeness, and imagination, and the way say hard-work store instead of hardware store has been easy.

And when it's easy, you better believe I'm soaking it in.

A Birthday Party for our Wildflower!

Someone please tell me how all of a sudden I had a newborn, and now she's a full blown walking, jabbering baby that had a first birthday party two Saturdays ago?!  

We celebrated her with a June Carter Cash themed party because JUNE!!!!  
We played up the cheeky idea with the song Wildwood Flower, and I totally called dibs on having the first birthday party at my friend Mary's new shop in Wichita because
a) soooo much cuter and brighter than my house, and b) not my house. 

These are pretty much my requirements for a party lately. 

I pulled a bunch of things I already had from home, and then Mary totally hooked me up with theeee cutest party supplies and one of her crazy talented contacts to create these custom invites for me because #thirdkidprobs...I just didn't have time to design them myself this year for the first time ever.
I didn't see Junie complaining because alll the heart eyes for these.

She was so funny...she walked into Mary's shop,
and totally knew the day was about her.  

I mean, clearly. 
She was wearing her new party dress afterall, but still.

She was so animated and was all about being a big kid -
walking around like she was surveying her party digs,
and then trying to sit in all of the prettiest kid chairs there ever were.

I was thinking the flower crown making station was going to be hit or miss so my three babes and I got a head start while we were waiting on guests to arrive, but as soon as other tots arrived the kids were obsessed!  I was so busy trying to help Ham (who wanted his flowers to go allll the way around, obvs), that Andrew had to make one for June (A for effort), and Nelle was happy as can be cutting rose petals into 1,083,924 pieces because SCISSORSSSSSS!
Artistic shot by Andrew!  A first birthday party is not complete without one.  ;)

Guess who won the award for flower crown on for the entire party?

He was all about it.

It does make him look very angelic. 
Perhaps he should start accumulating them for wearing at home?

June was kind of into her cake, kind of more ready just to get down so she could be hostess with the mostest at her party.  Now, had I made it out of ice cream...
well, we'd still be there.

Nevermind she has no bloomers on.

The big kids have been giving us concerts with those wooden ukeleles Andrew whipped up for the last week and a half, and it's kind of amazing.  What's more amazing is that no one has hit a sib with those things!

So thankful for our family and friends that joined us, and SO incredibly happy to have Mary in my corner when it comes to parties.  She saved my booty with this one because I was a wee last minute!

Happy Birthday June Margaret!
We love you, our little wildflower!

custom invites + place mats - Love Lore by Lark+Raven
cups + plates + cupcake wrappers & toppers - Meri Meri (bought at Love of Character)
napkins - Harlow and Grey (bought at Love of Character)
one and love balloons - Northstar Balloons (bought at Love of Character)
Candle - TOPS Malibu (bought at LOC - pretty much Mary's the best!)
florals - The Plaid Giraffe
wood ukeleles - my sweet husband!  xo