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18.10.17 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I haven't been shooting as much at home as I did before we moved. Probably for more than one reason, but the one that comes to mind most is that I'm not in our space yet. We're here, we've been moved in for five months now. We're unpacked...except for those last few boxes in the basement that are a hodge podge of things we haven't needed yet and could potentially have gotten rid of before we moved. 

And yes, the space is technically ours. But we haven't made it ours yet. Just within the last couple of weeks have we started shuffling around furniture, mainly beds in the kids' rooms to their "official" spots so I could start hanging frames on the walls. Hooray! Pretty things coming up and out of the basement to see and enjoy again.

We're about to dig into the main living space and I've got inspiration coming out of my ears, but then I look at reality around me and there's so. much. to. do.

So when the kids were playing outside as we typically do once we get back from the bike ride home from school, and the light was dancing around juuuuust right, 
I finally got that twitch back. 

It didn't hurt that everyone was actually for once in a million moons getting along, 
and that is not an exaggeration.

And, as I keep reminding myself, by the time we get this house just right, 
I'll probably want to re-do it again, 
and no one will be around for me to make pictures of except for Andrew. 
He's just not as cute sitting on the swing.

Here's to doing what we love. 


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