I Carry Your Heart

29.1.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

On the days when I haven't been dead on my feet these last few months, my good friend Mollie Wetta (also a photographer) and I have been working on co-launching a really special project near and dear to both of us.
At a park playdate way back in the fall last year we decided to start I Carry Your Heart, a collective blog for photographers that wanted to share along with us what it feels like to watch each of our babies grow...and what it looks like from behind the camera.  This stage of motherhood is fleeting, and we all feel like we need to be more accountable taking pictures of what inspires us daily to go out and create beautiful photographs for our clients and often times is the reason we started shooting in the first place, our own families in our own homes. 

I would love for you to spend just a few minutes today checking out the work of some amazing photographers that have agreed to be a part of this journey with us in 2015.  There were a handful of us that started posting at the very beginning of January to get the logistics finalized for the blog, 
and this week we've added such incredible talent. 

I cannot say it enough (in fact I think I've written it in emails probably seven times already since we've gotten this blog up and running earlier this month), but I am so touched and moved by this project and love what it has done for me personally in terms of 
photographing my own two tots right now.  

And did you think I was making up the part about Henry and Nelle sneaking chocolates under the dining room table in yesterday's post?  
You should have known I was telling the truth because 
a)I bet you could guess who was the ring leader behind the escapade, 
and b)I don't joke about chocolate.

My inspiration for sharing on I Carry Your Heart this week.