san anotonio 2015

9.1.15 Ali Moore 0 Comments

The thought of nine hours of driving to get to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl kind of made me want to dismiss the idea 
of Andrew and I's quick getaway, but then I thought about it again.

And all of a sudden, it was like, nine hours in the car?  By ourselves?  
With no kids in the backseat to entertain, feed, change, dress, schedule naps, etc.? 

I quickly changed my tune. 

Nine hours is still along way, but so worth it.  I took a nap and read a book from start to finish.  
That wasn't a children's book.  Or a book about raising kids.

I feel like I started 2015 as a new woman!
We just had the best time walking through the city, eating enough Tex Mex to last me for a month, 
and even cheering on the Cats despite the loss and the dreary rainy, cold weather.

>> Side note - sorry Cat fans.  The only bowl game we haven't been to in the last four years was last year when Nelle was about three weeks old...and we won.  The other three, well, we take full responsibility for the losses as we are clearly bad luck, and someone stop us next time we want to travel to a bowl game so we can get another post-season W. <<

We stayed at The Valencia which is just about two blocks off of the Riverwalk on Houston street, and it was just such a lovely hotel.  The TexMex restaurant next door had the best homemade flour tortillas I've ever tasted.  My mouth is watering a little bit rigiht now just thinking about them.
And we grabbed breakfast to go from Sip, the cutest juice/coffee bar right outside the front door of our hotel both mornings.  They had the yummiest homemade muffins and delicious hot cocoa.  And I only know because Andrew hates coffee and refuses to try and learn to like it.  
It works out for both of us.
Can I just mention how amazing it is to walk around a strange city and see purple literally everywhere you go?  I think we saw maybe 50 UCLA fans the entire trip.  I just love K-State so much and how they instill such a sense of family with this football program.  
 I don't think that you even got me...did you get me in the picture?  Ummm, yes.  Open your eyes.
I traveled to San Antonio with my family when I was pretty young so I don't really remember it, but Andrew had never been, and it was really fun getting to explore the city's downtown together and spending some time just the two-of-us.  I missed our little babes by lunch as we were driving down to the city, but the time is so worth it to get away.  
Henry got really sad as we were finishing up packing on Thursday morning, and I'm pretty sure he was biting his lower lip so he wouldn't cry.  
He said, "I want to go wifff you, Dada!" so then of course Andrew promised he could go with us on our next trip.
I have a feeling that will be more of a trip than a vacation, but I'm still really, really looking forward to it.