The Bump

18.12.11 Ali Moore 5 Comments


It's not jumping out at people all the time, but friends are starting to notice, and an Asian lady at Forever 21 on Friday asked me if I was pregnant when I went and asked for a fitting room.  And I didn't even think I looked pregnant in Friday's work outfit.  I wasn't even wearing the belly band.  

But, if a stranger is questioning my mid-section it must be true.  

And, in leggings and a fitted top....well, there's no hiding it.  

But, the best part of this bump is the growing little wee one inside.  
 The wee one I am finally feeling move as of Wednesday night.
It. Is. The. Most Wonderful. Feeling.

Hearing the heart beat for the first time was incredible, but feeling our little boy or girl move was much more impactful for me.  I was home alone addressing our Christmas cards (coming to a mailbox near you!) and watching The Family Stone and knew what was happening the instant I felt it.  

I don't want ever to forget that.  

The little one just saying hi.  
Almost halfway there, and I can say hi back.


  1. LOVE! That you can feel him or her. The scarf. And the new blog name. Called it :-)

  2. That's so amazing!! Can't wait to hear more.

  3. How cute are you?!? What an amazing experience :)