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4.12.11 Ali Moore 7 Comments

Oh my gosh.  Telling people you are pregnant is so much fun!

Thank you all so, so much for your fun comments and support.

My fave responses so far.

Was this planned?

Have you told Franklin?

Is the baby in your belly or Andrew's?  

(Surprisingly, only one of those comments was from our four-year-old niece.  You guess which one.)

So, here goes:

I am 16 weeks along (plus one day today)!  We found out right at about four weeks and decided to wait to tell our families at Thanksgiving as we thought there was a good chance they'd be down in Wichita again.  That was such a hard secret to keep for 10+ weeks.  There were so many moments I almost slipped.  My mom was suspicious, but I think everyone else was very caught off guard.  Andrew thanked them for coming and said maybe they should come back to see us in May.  When we have our first baby!  I'm due May 19th - so excited to have a little one that time of year.

I have not been sick AT ALL.  Sorry to all the preggos that are miserable and puke all the time.  I don't know how you do it.  There have been maybe 5-ish days or so where I've woken up and felt kind of icky, but just needed to eat and then was fine five minutes later.  

We have heard the heart beat twice.  So amazing.  We actually have a sono scheduled in two and a half weeks when we will NOT find out what we are having.  I know - people keep telling me we are crazy, but I just think it will be the best surprise of our lives to wait.  I know exactly how I want to decorate the baby's room.  I have been thinking about it FOREVER.  Mood board to come?

I'll admit, I haven't been great about taking pics each week, but I did get Andrew to take one today.  I've gained weight, but no bump yet.  Just a muffin top.  And, I decided I don't like this angle so these pictures aren't much fun yet until the babe makes more of appearance.  Boo.

Of course Franklin is in this one.  I'm pretty sure he knows.  He has been sooo clingy.

So, that's the scoop.  According to, the little one will double in size in the next few weeks so bring on the belly!



  2. So exciting!!! and yes, please post your mood board :)

  3. Could you be any cuter?

  4. Congrats!! So excited for you!!

  5. Al- I'm SO excited for you!!! I know I already said that, but I'll say it again. PS- you are probs going to be the most adorable pregger EVER!

  6. I am so, so happy for you!! You are going to be adorable!! Oh, and not finding out is the best surprise ever!!

  7. Congrats Ali! I've been out of the blog world for awhile, so I'm just finding out your awesome news. You are going to LOVE being a mommy! Enjoy your pregnancy, so many exciting things to come for you and Andrew.