Band It

9.12.11 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Yesterday was a first.

I initiated my belly band.

I haven't had to consider slipping it on yet, but the jeans I wore yesterday must hit the muffin top differently than the others.  So much so, that with the band, I have a little bump. 

Those on bump watch (I'm sure you are keeping tabs on me just like Beyonce and Kourtney K), feast your eyes on this:

It's like an illusion.  If I suck in, it disappears.

But who really wants to suck in a growing belly?  And after I eat, it's impossible.  So maybe I push it out a bit so it looks rounder and not so muffiny.  I'm still waiting on it to make it's official appearance, mainly because I'm back to no band and normal clothes today. 

One of these days?

I mean there has been weight gain so I need something to justify that.  Until then, the word is still out whether the baby is in my belly or Andrew's as he reported when we went to the gym earlier that he has also gained weight.  So bump, please show up soon. 

I don't want Andrew to end up on the cover of Us Weekly.