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Well, let's be honest.

I've been thinking about this baby's room long before our baby was even a baby-in-the-making.

And knowing that the gender would be kept secret until the peanut's debut, obviously I had to think of something that would work for a girl or a boy.  I already had some ideas in mind, but also have been scouring Pinterest in secret, but completely missing the point of Pinterest - saving things I like to my own personal file on my desktop so as not to give anything away before we announced our news.
I should eventually pin everything I saved...

Until then, I whipped up a mood board for Baby M's room (formerly known as the office.)

So, obviously the base for everything is purple.  Kidding - we're going with grey.

The walls will be greige.  Grey beige.  The exact color is, and Andrew has been a busy bee priming (two coats to cover up the previous color) and now painting.  

The goal is to keep everything light and airy.  Soothing.

Basically, the baby will feel so calm in his/her room he/she will never cry.  Bahahaha.

I want the blankets to add texture - chunky knits, soft fleeces, etc - to be soft greys and whites too.  I've got a armchair/ottoman set similar to the one shown above at NFM that I'd like to order after Christmas that's a nice cream color and also has a nice stitched texture to it.  

We bought a dresser off of Craig's List the Sunday after Thanksgiving that Andrew has just started to refinish.  I'm so excited about it, and going to try something a bit new for us so I won't give anything away until it's complete in case it doesn't turn out as planned.  

We're using a darker, tangeriney orange color for an accent.  I'm hoping to have Andrew build some book shelves (since we've already started a collection!), and I love the numbers on the one shown in the board.  

I've got a few other things not pictured up my sleeve, but for sure my mom is making curtain panels and also a quilt for Baby M.  She's just the best.

The crib is picked out and needs to be ordered.

And you can bet I'm making an Ikea run for frames the next time we're down in Dallas.

So there you have it!  Project Baby's Room is in full swing.  Consider me officially nesting.

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