Nothings are Somethings

14.10.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I have nothing exciting to post about.  But, I do have exciting things coming up that I can't wait to post about.  Until then - here's the latest from Wichita.

1. K-State vs. Nebraska
Hmm...not sure what to say here.  Everybody was so pumped up before the game and loved these guys coming down from the sky.

I hope this guy made it on TV.

Other than that, I'm glad Nebraska is leaving the Big 12.

Franklin thinks he can do what he wants.  Wherever he wants.  Wherever he wants.  Which usually means sleeping on our bed and/or grabbing pillows from the couches or bed to cuddle with. 

3. Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano
Andrew made pizza last night for dinner and it was his best pie yet.  For those of you that don't know, Andrew LOVES pizza.  Yes, LOVES, not loves.  He would eat it everyday if he could.  In fact he did before we got married.  When he was bachelor padding it up in Wichita before I moved from Dallas he ate a one dollar Tony's pizza every night for dinner.  Jello pudding snack pack for dessert.

He got really obsessed with grilling pizza this summer, but has resorted back to the oven after a few mishaps.  I tried to get him to guest post on the blog about his dinner last night, but he said he's just not ready for that.  (Insert eye roll here.)

So instead, I am going to blog as I think Andrew would have:

"Hi.  I made pizza last night.  Yes, Ali, I brought home another bag of flour from work.  It's okay that there are six bags of flour in our freezer and almost nothing else fits.  It was flown in from LA and has a high protein count and is awesome for pizza.  Sorry that some of us can't have cool expensive photography hobbies like you.  My hobby is pizza-making.  Be supportive.  I cook, you clean!"

Or something like that.

I have three photo shoots coming up.  Eek!  And, I can't wait to find some more of these.