Animal Kingdom

6.10.10 Ali Moore 3 Comments

I had the best grown-up, old-person weekend.  And, I don't care who knows it.

I traveled to Minneapolis for work last Wednesday - Friday and got back about 11pm on Friday night.  And, then I got back on a plane for a day trip to my base office in Dallas Monday morning.  Home about 9:30 on Monday night.  Airport food and airport people watching overload.

But back to the weekend.  I got home late, and the house was empty.  :(  Andrew and Frank went back to the farm to help the Moore clan with harvest.  Franklin loves the farm, but I think he has a different opinion now.  Brace yourselves, people.

Andrew tried to make Franklin into a real dog.  He slept OUTSIDE.  He rode in the BACK of the truck.  On a FLATBED.  He didn't get to go in the house once.

I told Franklin he never had to go back to the farm himself again.  Ha.

So, as Andrew was cruising along in the combine, and Franklin was probably eating cat poop just to survive, I was being a grown-up.

I got up super early and went garage sale shopping.  Rockwood had a neighborhood-wide garage sale day, and it was pretty sweet.  I didn't find anything crazy, just a handful of frames I plan to paint white for a cohesive, but a bit more eclectic look.  Also, bought a $2 wooden chair that is a great shape and size, but just missing a spool.  Andrew will fix this.  :)

I was in the mood for a bargain, so I stopped by a really cute consignment shop, but didn't find anything I had to have so continued to downtown so I could take cityscape pictures for my photog class.  Even though I had to miss class on Monday due to work travel, I still did my homework.  I am that kind of a student.

Found some pretty good spots!

And, also found out that Wichita has a weird infatuation with animals on buildings.  Just on Tuesday I saw a gorilla perched on a roof as I was driving down Douglas.  Weird.

As I was driving around trying to find interesting things to shoot, I stumbled upon a new consignment shop - Pea Pod!  And...found a great small side table that I knew would be a great addition to our family room.

Because let's face it.  We've got to get that room all did up.  Because we are hosting Thanksgiving again this year!  So excited about that, BTW.  Already thinking of how I'm going to decorate my table.  :)

Anyways, I got it painted and in the house by the end of the weekend.  Pretty sweet.

After taking pictures for a bit, I ventured to Hobby Lobby for fall decor.  Didn't find a fall wreath I loved so I decided, what the heck.  I will just make my own.  From all of this.

So I did.  On a Saturday night.  And, I think it is lovely.

In addition to catching up on all of my DVR'd shows, I also recovered three of my six canvases in the living room.  I just didn't love the stripes.



Not a huge difference, but I am much happier with this collection of fabrics.  And, I am picky.

And, did you notice the addition?  I finally found an ottoman I liked.  On  Surprised?  I was, but the quality is great and the price was right.  Extra storage?  Yes, please.  Holler! 

On Sunday, I cleaned house, and the boys got home around noon.  Franklin was filthy so he literally ran in the house, and we herded him straight into the backyard for a bath.  And then he slept all day because he was traumatized and tired from sleeping out in the shed. 

Finished up the night with a trip to Lora and Casey's new casa, and it's awesome!

So glad for a week at home to catch up.  And super excited for the game tomorrow night in Manhattan.  Now, if only I can get a reenactment of the storm there a couple of weeks ago.  I am so bummed I missed that sky action with my camera...


  1. wow!! ok...a) we have the same couch. did you custom upholster this broyhill piece from nfm? cuz that's what we did! b) you need to teach me how to make a wreath. c) i love the table from pea pod.
    ok i'm sufficiently jealous! so much cute stuff! i want to see your house in person!

  2. molly! YES! we did custom upholster our broyhill couch from nfm. you have great taste. ha.

    the wreath is the easiest thing - EVER. let's chat this weekend. can't wait! :)