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25.10.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Boo.  My fifteen minutes of fame have alluded me. 

I submitted my refurbished credenza to one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, back in July after I got great feedback from all of you.  (P.S. thanks for that - I pretty much live for comments.)  :)

And so the story goes...(and skip to the bottom if you don't feel like reading).


Hi John, Sherry, Clara and Burger,

Congrats on your growing family, and thanks for sharing your lives with us.  It's so much fun checking in on the projects you're tackling or just for some baby love with new Clara pictures.  You are very inspiring!

My husband (Andrew) and I bought our first house together just at a year ago and have been busy tackling DIY projects non-stop.  Andrew swears he can make or fix anything, and I've definitely held him to that promise.  :)

We love to entertain, but just don't have enough space for an extra large table or kitchen island for our friends to gather around in our 1963 ranch.  (Got to love those older homes for their charm, but lifestyles and layouts were much different back then!)  I found a $50 credenza in need of lots of love on Craig's List that we intended to use to serve as a dry bar for mixing drinks, but also for a make-shift buffet for large family dinners, a.k.a. Thanksgiving, displaying appetizers, etc.

I love giving furniture a new life by painting it and especially love the crisp white look, but because this piece was mostly laminate, a full paint job wasn't an option.

Enter my online wallpaper search.  I found a contemporary neutral, but not overpowering print from Graham Brown, but didn't want to pay $70 per roll (with a minimum of a two roll order) for one small piece of furniture.  I found the same GB-Symmetry print from the Essence line on cheaper, and bonus - I didn't have to purchase multiple rolls!

Because the legs of this piece were one of the few areas of actual wood, I was able to sand them down and paint them white, and then moved to tackle the flat, front pieces of the credenza.  It took a lot of precision and measuring, but once I got on a roll (no wallpaper pun intended), prepping and adhering it to the furniture was really pretty easy.

My handy hubby adjusted the doors from non-working sliders to more traditional style cabinet doors and affixed the antique bronze hardware from Lowe's.

We finished our bar area between our eat-in kitchen/dining room and family room with a grid of nine white 14x18 frames and love how they pick up the white from the credenza's legs in addition to making our ceilings seem much higher by drawing your attention up to the top row of photos.

Hope you love it as much as we do! 


Ali Moore

Source List:

1. Credenza - $50 from Craig's List
2. Wallpaper - $67 (with tax and shipping)
3. Drawer and Cabinet Hardware, plus wallpaper paste and roller - approximately $30
4. Paint (Cream Delight from Valspar) - already owned

Total - Less than $150!


HOLY BANANAS. We're loving your AMAZING credenza makeover. Thanks so much for sending it our way. We'd love to feature it on the blog for all to see, so assuming you're cool with that we'll get right to work writing up a little "Reader Redesign" feature about it! What a truly fantastic transformation! We have a bit of a back-up when it comes to publishing our Reader Redesigns (we're running about 10+ weeks behind) but we'll certainly share your amazing makeover as soon as we can. Stay tuned...
Sherry (& John)
p.s. We prefer not to publish content that has already been published by other blogs (we like to offer our readers something fresh and new). If you've submitted these photos for publication elsewhere, please let us know!


Eeek!  I'm so excited you all liked it.

Yes, absolutely feel free to feature on your blog.  I've written about it on my own, Three's Company (, but that's it.  And, I'm pretty sure my parents are the only people that read it regularly.  :)

Thanks for your interest and have a wonderful week!



Many, many weeks later...

Hey Ali,

When it comes to sharing your amazing Reader Redesign, we're so sorry but we've actually had to put them on hold due to reader feedback (we were inundated with requests to return to blogging more about our house - diary style - just like we did the first few years as bloggers). Sadly this means cutting down on featuring other people's amazing makeovers along the way. Sniffle. We're so sorry we can't share your amazing makeover right now, but it's still sitting in the hopper on hold - just in case we can work it in someday! Never say never, right! Amazing job either way. So inspiring! And thanks again for sending the lovely eye candy our way.

Sherry (& John) 


Oh well.  Guess I'll get my 15 some other way.  Until then, I still have my credenza to enjoy.

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  1. Pure Awesomeness!!! Seriously, they LOVED it. I am sure it will be featured some day :)