The Spellmans

21.10.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Some things are just meant to be.

Halley and I became best friends in fifth grade when we planned a Halloween party for our friends.  We spent A LOT of time together at each others houses.  A few years later, my brother and Halley's sister went to the Homecoming dance together...and maybe we had something to do with it.  And the next few years went something like this.

Noel drives me to Halley's.
Hillary drives Halley to my house.
Noel and Hillary hang out at my house.
Hillary and Noel hang out at Halley's house.
Dating.  Dating.  Dating.
Noel graduates from high school.
Hillary graduates from high school.
College, law school, N&H get engaged.
Halley tells everyone during her maid of honor speech at the wedding they can thank us for getting the happy couple together.
Baby Quinn.
Baby Brynann.
And our lives are entwined forever!

The Spellmans are a great family, and I was really pleased when they asked me to take their family photo.

Which just keeps getting more and more fun with more and more little ones!

Pretty proud grandparents, and you can see why.

I hope my future children are as cute as this.

Aunt Halley can't get enough.

And the big year of two new babies just got bigger - happy engagement, Halley and Ryan!
holy.  blue.  eyes.

Pretty Quinnie!

And the newest edition - Jackson James going to be a lady killer.

Thanks, Spell family!  See you all at Christmas.  :)