Leyton Cole

20.10.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Luke and Lori asked me to take our nephew's six month pictures last Saturday.  And, it was awesome.  Not only did we get to spend time with our little buddy, but I got to take a ton of pictures of him.  Not going to lie, I was kind of nervous.  I mean, six month pictures are pretty important.  His parents are going to look back at these when he's 20 and wonder where the time went.  Talk about pressure.  But, I think they really did turn out great.

Leyton was so intrigued by the leaves, he was just too busy to smile for all of the pictures.  But when you're this cute, it doesn't even matter.  Wouldn't life be better if all babies wore hats, all day, every day?

What the...

Cute, happy family.  And, I thought they coordinated so well.  

Somebody loves his daddy.  And somebody loves his little boy.

Those eyes!  No wonder Grandma can't say no!

Absolutely one of my favorites from the day.

And, would you look at that...Mom got a smile.  

Thanks for letting Uncle Andy and I be a part of this special day!