Fall in the Yard

30.10.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I was feeling kind of restless during my lunch hour one day this past week.  Probably because I was sick at the beginning of the week and just hadn't gotten out much since then.  Our afternoon weather has been so nice, and I just didn't want to be inside anymore.  So Frank and I went outside for some fresh air.

Only one of our tree's leaves actually change colors into something besides crunchy brown.  And, it's been beautiful all week just begging for someone to take it's picture.

So I did.  And, I just can't explain these any other way besides they just look dreamy

I'm pretty limited when it comes to tree knowledge, but ours produces these funky green dangle-things.

In the fall they dry up and fall off and complete the perfect autumn look, right in my backyard.

We're happy here.

Especially when we have one of these going to cuddle up in front of to finish off the week.

Looking forward to our trick-or-treaters tomorrow night!  Can't wait to see all of the neighborhood kiddos in their costumes.  And get rid of the slowly dwindling bowl of candy. 

Loving another productive weekend...