Ginger Snap

25.9.10 Ali Moore 4 Comments

When I said I wanted practice taking portraits, I wasn't kidding.  And thank goodness Sarah took me up on it.  Because I am OBSESSED with these pictures from last weekend.  I have been so slammed with work I haven't been able to post until now which makes me sad because I have been looking at these pictures all week and couldn't wait to share them.

Sarah has been the proud mommy to Ginger for quite some time, and I hope these pictures are what she was looking for.  I think they are.  Something to show just how beautiful Ginger is.  And something that she can have forever and ever.

We headed out to the barn?  stable?  ranch?  (I am at a loss...wherever Sarah boards Ginger...) into a very foggy Sunday morning.  Wasn't quite sure about that since I'm still a learning and hadn't shot in the fog yet.  Oh.  My.  GOSH.  They turned out soooo good!  The lighting was great.  I used my new techniques from my class (now two weeks in).  The model was great; Ginger is so pretty.  Lucky for me she is my favorite kind of horse.  I'm sure Sarah will correct me with a technical term, but I just love the chestnut color.

So here we go.  And, once again peeps...I want to practice taking pictures on you!  And your dog.  And your kids.  And your anything.  Keep it clean.  :)

 One of the best parts of the morning?  I got to wear these cheery wellies. 

Purple is your color, girl.

Heeeeey Ginger.  :)

I liked this one the second I took it...

Horses don't worry about applying anti-aging cream.  Just "flies, stay-off-my-face-cream".

A favorite...

I have a pretty friend.  :)

This horse isn't Ginger.  And this horse needs some "stay-off-my-face-fly-cream".  But I still love this picture.

But, back to Ginger.  And Sarah.

Always kiss your mother.

Moral of this shooting story: fog and gray sky can be awesome.  Makes this awesome nothing background.  Which makes Ginger the complete focus.  Ahh.

And, I'm sorry, but horse teeth are hilarious.  They look like cartoons!


Okay, back to your pretty face.

Thank you, Sarah!  Had a BLAST.


  1. These are great Al! When I get engaged one day you can take my engagement pics :)

  2. Warning, This is so random - found your blog through Vanessa and I am OBSESSED with your pictures! My husband and I are good friends with Sarah and Deston (and Ginger although I haven't actually met her)
    If your in KC and want to practice on a pretty puppy let me know :)