Hot Off the Press

9.9.10 Ali Moore 4 Comments

Okay, maybe luke-warm off the press.  It's been a busy week.

Labor Day weekend was pretty great.  K-State won, we went to the pool for the last swim of the summer, took Franklin on lots of walks, etc.  But it was really great because I got to do my first photo shoot!

When my sister and Jon got engaged, I weaseled my way in to make sure I could take their engagement pictures.  They even came down to Wichita and gave me a very nice thoughtful thank you...even though I should be thanking them since I need the practice.

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.  Still have a lot to learn, but I feel like I'm on my way!

And, it goes without saying, but obviously I'll say it anyways...if you want pictures taken - babies, kiddos, families, pets, etc. send me a note.  Then I can practice on you too.  :)

LOVE this blue background.  It's really this blue.  Doesn't it make Rachel's eyes pop?

Pretty girl.

Cute boy.

Love the vintage effect on this one.

Okay, who's next?  Any takers?  :)  As Andrew says since he's now given me TWO cameras, "I've created a monster!"


  1. Ali- Some of these are really really great!! Can't wait to see some great stuff in Napa=- stuff I can use in our HOUSE (if we eer buy one...)!!!

  2. OMG I think you're amazing......such a beautiful talent you have....keep going ali!!

  3. Ali- Great pictures! It's inspiring to see your work, makes me feel like I could take good pictures too, but I'm about, from the sounds of it :), 2 cameras behind and still in the point and click phase! Something to aspire too ;)! Remember the little people when you make it big! Definite HS discount!