17.9.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I've been taking quite a few pictures of Franklin to get used to my new camera and lenses.  I love the way these turned out.  Our bedroom gets really nice pretty soft light in the afternoon.  Sigh.

I think this is my favorite, although scratched up paw pads don't quite have the same effect as baby feet.  Oh well. 

Another successful weekend in Manhattan last Saturday/Sunday!  We helped host a tailgate, and that was so much fun.

Lots of friends stopped by, and I got another Ella girl fix.

Man, she is such a good baby, and could she be any cuter?!

So excited for Kansas City tomorrow.  Not so excited for the 5am call time.  Boo.  It will be worth it, though.  Too many friends to miss out on this weekend.

And, pssst, I'm doing another shoot.  :)  Super pumped.

Happy Friday to all!