The Results Are In

1.2.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Last Tuesday evening, Andrew and I attended the Annual Rockwood Home Owners Association meeting. We were by far the youngest people there; I'm sure Gramps down the street was wondering what these kids were doing at his meeting.

Anyways, long story short, I volunteered to fill an open position on our neighborhood board. Instead of Ali Moore, Wife Extraordinare, you can now refer to me as Ali Moore, Rockwood Homes Marketing and Communications.

Yes, I am 24 going on 45.

And no, no one ever actually referred to me as Wife Extraordinare, especially not Andrew today as apparently I didn't make his birthday cake correctly. All he asked for was a double-layer homemade chocolate cake. Which I did last year. Except this year, I didn't have enough cocoa to make frosting so he got a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate chips and a sprinkle of powder sugar on top. And, I was tired since we had just gotten back from Manhattan after a night of acting like we were 21 again. Sorry, hubs, I did not go to the store to get more cocoa for your frosting. Better luck next year. Just kidding, I am sure I will fulfill your cake request sooner than later. Only if I have time between my strenuous Rockwood board schedule. :)