Baby Brendan

21.2.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Friday morning I got a text from our friend Brendan arrived early that day, one day after his due date. So, so exciting!

I sent them well wishes and promised to visit all three Brown's later that afternoon. After all, they had been up all night and needed some time to nap.

Andrew and I made it to the birthing center around 5pm on Friday to meet Brendan. He is so precious and just perfect!

So thrilled for Daddy Mitch and Mommy Jenny, plus this is the first time Andrew and I have ever gotten to see a baby so brand new and in the hospital so we were pretty pumped, too. (Disregard my picture, gross.)

On Saturday, I decided to make them some homemade cinnamon rolls as I knew they were going to have a lot of out-of-town family guests over the next several days, and it might be nice to have some extra food around their house.

So, as Andrew was working on tiling our family room, I was playing Betty Crocker in the kitchen. Yummy!
Have a baby, and I'll make you treats. :)

We are on our way now to drop them off, and I'm hoping to get a few more pics of the little guy. Stay tuned...

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