A Marley Moment

13.2.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

We had a bit of a Marley moment earlier today. Or two...

*Photo courtesy of boston.com.

Franklin had just enough food for lunch, but was definitely going to need a new bag before dinner tonight. I like to take him with me to the pet store when we pick up his food because he gets really, really excited, and it wears him out. We had just gotten back from cleaning our car so I opened the door to the garage and told Franklin to come with me, and I figured he would just jump in the car like he always does because he LOVES riding in the car.

He tried to jump in (and always does this with no problem), but for some reason he got stuck on the seat - body in, back legs stuck on the ground. Andrew was standing behind him so I figured I would just walk around to the other side of the car, and Andrew could help him in.


All of a sudden, Franklin realizes that crazy cat lady across the street is having a moving sale. There are tons of cars parked along our street, and people walking to and from the house. Franklin takes off towards the cat lady's house, and is strutting his stuff like no one's business. He is jumping on people, licking everyone and swishing his huge tail back and forth all over the place. I am afraid he is going to knock over tables, boxes and piles of junk in her driveway. Somehow, he didn't.

I grab his leash and wrangle him in after a bit, but felt completely embarrassed that our dog was so out of control.

Franklin and I get in the car (finally) and head to the store. I role down his window a bit so he can get some fresh air and soon enough he has his two front legs stuck in between the car and the window. I am forced to roll the window down completely. Okay, we can do this. He is on a leash; I can hang on to him. No big deal.

A few seconds later he is hanging out the window, Marley-style. Luckily, we were still in our neighborhood so I stopped and drug him back in. He only got the window cracked open the rest of the trip.