Family Time

8.2.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Andrew and I had family in town this weekend and had a great time. Noel, Hillary (eight months pregnant - what a trooper!) and Quinn drove down from Hiawatha on Friday afternoon and arrived in time for dinner and a quick house tour.

Noel and Andrew widened the doorway between our family room and living room on Saturday. It made a huge difference, and we owe Noel big time! We are just about done with the finishing touches so stay tuned for pictures.

Hillary, Quinn and I went to Babies R Us on Saturday morning and then to Exploration Place, a hands-on, interactive play and learning center for kids. We spent a lot of time in the tots area, where Quinn just loved the water feature.
We all watched the K-State basketball game together on Saturday afternoon, had dinner, colored with markers, drew on the chalkboard, watched a movie and Quinn and Franklin decided to be friends. :) Can't believe he let her lay this close without licking her face non-stop!
Speaking of being friends, Quinn and Andrew are now buddies, too! They made a fire in the fireplace together, read books, and he got her donuts for breakfast on Sunday morning. What a guy.

Can't wait to visit them again in Hiawatha! Next time, baby #2 may be here. So exciting. :)