The Heart of Our Home

1.2.10 Ali Moore 5 Comments

We are so close to finishing our first "major" home reno project!

Our kitchen is nicely updated and came with all stainless steel appliances, but it is a galley-style kitchen, long and narrow. I really hated it when I first came to look at the house. Andrew (always the voice of reason in our relationship) convinced me it was worth a second look, and of course he was right. Blah.

I digress.

We actually ended up having really great storage, considering the size. All of our bottom shelving units have pull-out drawers, and it's proved to be very functional for the two of us. However, our food storage was really lacking.

We decided to add a pantry cabinet to a blank wall by our fridge where the previous owner had a huge hutch/china cabinet piece.

So, after much debate, we ordered a 30" wide, 12" deep double-door piece from a local lumber company, and two weeks later the cabinet arrives! Yay! Andrew's dad came down last Friday to help with the installation, and thank goodness...I think he spared us a lot of yelling and dirty looks. And, Andrew was really excited he was able to spend his birthday installing the cabinet (no sarcasm in that sentence).

We still have to putty the screw holes in the molding and add handles to the upper cabinet doors, but otherwise, it's food pantry ready. So, without further ado, before and afters and never-before-seen Moore kitchen photos. :)

Two views, pre-pantry cabinet:

Pantry installed!
I'm so happy with the addition. I have no idea how they ended up installing it. I know they tried at least three different ways, used a bazillion different tools, bought a new tool and took over a day to complete. I'm just glad it's in! And, so glad I was able to help. With my excellent supervision skills. And, I also stained the crown molding. Ha.

Here's a few more detailed pics of the entire kitchen...err, both sides of the kitchen.
I feel like this was one of those projects that doesn't make a huge difference aesthetically, but functionally, it really adds a lot to our kitchen.

Next up, widening the doorway between our family room and living room, and the beginning of our fireplace upgrade!


  1. Wow, looks great! That Andrew, such a handyman!

  2. Oh my gosh I love this!! And I love your kitchen :) I don't think I've ever seen it and it's GORGEOUS!! So jealous of the stainless and wonderful backsplash!!!

  3. I love it! What lumber company did you order it from? I wish we had more pantry space, but I'm not sure if that would work for us or not since our ceiling in the kitchen is cathedral. I'm happy for you both!

  4. The woman who lived in our house before us ordered the kitchen cabinets through Star Lumber. The cabinets are actually from Midwest Continental and are made up in Newton.