Family of Four

28.2.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Andrew and I made a quick trip to Hiawatha on Friday to meet Baby Brynnan. She is just so teeny and precious!
It's so crazy Noel and Hillary now have a family of four. Things have really changed over the past three years, but obviously in such a great way.

This picture is getting very familiar...
I am very excited to go back in a couple of weeks to see her again. Of course it was so fun playing with Quinn, as well. She is just funnier every time we visit. While we were waiting for Daddy, Mommy and Brynnan to come home from the hospital on Saturday morning we tried out several new hair to make the most out of her mullet. :)

We tried a couple of head bands, many barrettes, but the best was her little piggy tails. Too bad she didn't like them. They definitely came out right after we snapped a quick picture.

Another fun game is putting on all of her big girl panties at once. (Really Quinn's idea.)"Could I be wearing any more clothes?," Chandler Bing/Quinn Boye