Hello, Sunshine

11.2.10 Ali Moore 3 Comments

Per my teaser from Monday's post, we have finished our 2nd major reno project! Well, almost finished. Andrew promises he will complete the threshold on Saturday. Regardless, we are close enough to share pictures with you. :)

Our living room (front of the house) and family room (back of the house) are separated by one load-bearing wall. And, they used to be separated by a door, which we took off its hinges right after we took possession of our house at the end of July. That helped the flow of our house, but the doorway was still so limiting. So, we decided to enlist the help of my brother Noel, (helps to have a contractor in the family), to widen the doorway this past weekend.

I am so, so pleased with the results. I don't know the details of the project as Hillary, Quinn and I were gone for most of the project, but wow - what a difference it made!

The before's:
View from the family room...
View from the living room...
The afters!
NEW view from the family room...NEW view from living room...
Top Five Reasons I Love the Outcome of This Project:
1. Our house flows so much better.
2. The amount of sunlight that shines into the living room from the back patio doors has really increased. I love sunshine!
3. You can see our TV from the backyard. Just kidding, that is weird, but now true. Hope our neighbors like to watch the same shows we do.
4. Andrew's man chair doesn't really fit in the space it was before. YES! Definitely going to start looking for a cute chair/ottoman set for the living room. Man chair will be banished to the family room. One step closer to the man cave.
5. Once we completely finish this project, we can move onto the fireplace/family room! Don't lie; I know you noticed the empty room with zero furniture.

I love a good before-and-after. :)


  1. WOW!!! What a difference! It looks fantastic! :)

  2. This looks so amazing :) Great job!! I love it!