Scaredy Cat

12.2.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Franklin and I were on our morning walk today and were towards the end of our route when we got some major excitement. We had just passed an intersection in our neighborhood when Franklin saw a cat a bit down the road. He completely stopped in his tracks and freaked out. He was making these weird barking noises, and his hair on his back was standing straight up. I thought he would be really excited because he loves playing with the barn cats at Andrew's parent's farm. However, he literally would not move to get close enough to this cat. It was probably a couple of hundred feet away and Franklin was terrified. We ended up turning around and going home because I just could not get him to walk any further down the road.

I thought cats were supposed to stay away from dogs?
Frank is such a weirdo. Definitely a mama's boy.

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  1. I totally understand , Franklin. I don't like cats either...