Pee Pants

28.2.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Franklin has really been in the running for worlds' worst dog lately.

Not only did he completely demolish his bed a few days ago...
...but also peed on Andrew in our living room. He has been potty trained for months now. And, I'm pretty sure I jinxed things when Vanessa and I were talking about male puppies vs. female puppies and how boys like to mark everything. "Oh no, Franklin never did that."


Guess he tried to mark Andrew as his own. Now he's been marking several leaf piles along our daily walking route. Because those are obviously his pile of leaves.

How embarrassing.

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  1. Oh no! Tyson has yet to do this... I keeping my fingures crossed that he doesn't. We did lose another computer charger, a candle and 2 placemats this week, though. Dogs are EXPENSIVE!