Throw Me a Bone

28.1.10 Ali Moore 1 Comments

When our friend Tyler stopped by on Saturday to watch the game with us, he brought Franklin a new bone. Instant best friends.

Franklin has been gnawing on that thing for days now. He really loves it, and I do too because it keeps him entertained for hours at a time. LinkHowever, today, he seems to have decided it's not safe in the house and really wants to go outside to hide it. He is acting just like the dog from the Traveler's Insurance commercial. I just won't let him take his bone outside though because last time he did that, it was left out for days and days. It was rained on and soggy, and Franklin ate the entire thing at once and gave himself diarhhea. Not making that mistake again!

So, after whining at the back door for half an hour he decided to hide his bone inside the house instead. I could hear him walking from room to room for a while and then nothing. All of a sudden, Franklin is barking from our guest room.

I find him on the bed without his bone. Turns out he tried to hide it under the pillows, but it dropped to the floor behind the headboard. And, Franklin won't jump down from anything higher than a step for some reason so he was in quite the predicament.

He is not supposed to be on that bed (hello, white comforter), but how can I say no to this face?

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