The Dog House, UPDATE!

10.1.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Okay, so Frank ate my Blackberry last week. I was not a happy camper, but knew I had insurance on my phone so I was hoping for an easy (not expensive) transition to a new phone.
I get to my nearest AT&T store explain the incident to one of the sales clerks and long story short...I am the new proud owner of my very own iPhone!
I know I am like three years late compared to all of the cool kids that got them when they first came out. But, I do feel kind of cool since mine was only $100. Turns out with an insurance claim you have to mail in your phone and meet a $50 deductible in order to get a replacement. Since my original two year contract with AT&T had lapsed, I could renew for another two years and only pay $100 for an iPhone. Obviously, the choice is clear. I am loving it. I don't know why I wasted over a year talking on a Blackberry.

Franklin is allowed to come out of the dog house now as clearly he had my best interest at heart all along. What a guy. :)