Neighborhood Watch

18.1.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

We had some major police action in our neighborhood this afternoon.

I had the day off and had just gotten done with running several errands - new jeans, Target, groceries - and was sitting down to catch Oprah when a cop car pulls up in front of our house. And then another. And another and another and another. Seriously. At least six cop cars in front of our house. At first I am running through my head trying to think if I have done anything wrong...then I realize they are running over to my neighbor's house directly next door to us on the right.

Of course my interest is peaked so I run to the right side of our house and peek out the windows in time to see several policemen pull out guns and run inside...several others have guns out and are perched around the property. Mind you we live in a very quiet neighborhood and particularly, the house next to us is home to a middle-aged, single woman so this is big news.

The police are inside for a couple of minutes and then come out...walk around the backyard, guns still pulled, etc. I am hiding behind the headboard of our bedroom so they don't see me being the creepy neighbor that I am.

By this time, I've called Andrew to give him the answer, but a few seconds later he pulls in the driveway and as I come out the front door one of the cops gives us the scoop.

They chased someone from the mall into our neighborhood, and they think he tried to hide in the house next to us, but when he pushed the front door in, the alarm went off and scared him away.


And, the not so fun part is that we don't know if they ever caught him or not...

So, just a friendly reminder to keep your doors locked when you're not home...alarms set and ready. And, I will be an old woman who can't mind her own business.

Later this evening, Andrew tells me he just had a daydream that when he pulled into our driveway this afternoon, the cops asked him, "Citizen! Do you own a gun? If so, you can help us." And, Andrew told them, "Really? But, only if you promise it's okay...I will only clip him and you can finish him off."



  1. I can't decide what is better... you thinking you did something that would warrant 6 cop cars, or Andrew shooting the criminal... I miss you two!

  2. Yikes! And, I'm laughing so loud about your convo with Andrew!