28.1.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Well, we did not get my shoe closet done in one weekend. There were just too many distractions. We got a great start on Friday evening - went to Lowe's for supplies, and I even got the first coat of paint on the walls before I went to bed. But, then Saturday rolled around, we cleaned house, gave Frank a bath, watched the KSU/OSU game (no comment there), etc. So little progress. And, I always underestimate the amount of time it takes for paint to dry.

However, after days of nagging, Andrew and I finally closed the door on this one, pun intended.

Here's the step by step process.

#1 - Remove current shelving
#2 - Paint walls (Safari Beige from Valspar)
#3 - Paint supporting boards
Step #4 - Add in painted shelves...starting to come together...
Step #5 - Add in shoe organizers and shoes! So pretty now. :)
A closer view...
And, Andrew even got his very own shelf. :)

Let's review where we were at before...
So much better now!
We also finished up a couple of other lingering projects. I hinted at a new piggy bank last week. I saw this done on Better Homes and Gardens and thought it was so cute. Mason jars are really charming and have so many great uses. I had Andrew make a slot in the metal seal on top of the jar, and woila! Instant piggy bank. Much more fun than the random glass we were putting our loose change in before.
I also received engagement pictures of my Aunt Jan and Uncle Tommy, plus my Mama and Papa (mom's parents) to add to our family wall of wedded bliss.
I love a happy ending. Or just a ending. I don't deal well with unfinished business!