Thoughts of Today

13.1.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

1. I am really excited American Idol is back on.
2. I am also slightly embarrassed to admit this. I watched the very first season with Kelly Clarkson and didn't watch it again until last season. I am all of a sudden a twelve-year-old girl and addicted.
3. I made sloppy joes on Monday night. So yummy. I LOVE sloppy joes. Andrew hates them. He swears the first meal I made him as a wifey was sloppy joes, and he thought he was in for a long ride.
4. Franklin has destroyed the wooden cross bar on the bottom front of my desk. He just won't stop chewing on it no matter what I do. Finally, I figured out he doesn't like the smell of TABASCO so if I just wave the bottle in his face he runs away. Today, that wasn't doing the trick so I poured a little on the wood, he licked it and then freaked out.
5. Now Franklin is sleeping by the back door and doesn't want back into my office.
6. I hope TABASCO isn't bad for dogs.
7. I won a $100 from my agency on Monday and my Master Card arrived via FedEx yesterday. Should I buy jeans or boots?
8. I need to send Christmas thank you cards still. Does anyone else do this?
9. Andrew and I are back at the gym with all of the other New Year's resolutioners. We are also going to yoga together tomorrow night. Andrew has never been to yoga and is the least flexible person I know. He has never been able to touch his toes. I feel like I will have a good follow up post from this class.
10. Is it Friday yet?


  1. I need to send Christmas thank you cards too Ali, nbd. :)

  2. You would use tabasco;) I can't stop thinking about Andrew doing yoga... Hilarious.