Happy New Year!

10.1.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I am obviously ten days behind wishing you all a happy new year, but regardless I'm still going to do it! Hope everyone is off to a great 2010. :)

Since we didn't make it up to Iowa to spend Christmas with my family because of the inconvenient blizzard, my family spent New Year's together instead. We had such a great time even though it was dangerously cold. -15 degrees when we left on Saturday. Yikes. Frank, Gracie (my parents' lab) and Isabelle (my brother's family's lab) had the best time frolicking in the snow which was great so we could just let them out and have them run for hours and hours.
On Friday morning when the temperature was warmer (maybe 10 degrees?) we took Quinn sledding for a short bit and then dropped her off outside to go find some bigger hills to conquer. We found a great snow-packed country road a few miles from my parents house that was a lot of fun to sled down, but it was so painful walking back up. Reminded me how out of shape I am. Yuck.
We had a great time spoiling Quinn.

We played with bubbles...

played with the magnets on the fridge...
and then got to open presents!
We also had the funniest time watching Quinn dance along with the cast of Glee to Beyonce's Singe Ladies.

However, enough taping, let's get to dancing!

Can't wait for this spring when we have two more little one's to spoil!