Your Trash, My Treasure

23.11.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

Andrew may soon get tired of me enlisting his help for random DIY projects around our house, but until he does, I'm going to continue to pile them on.

And, to my defense, it was his idea to go to the garage sale down the street. :)

Found these chairs in need of some definite TLC, three for $5 just around the corner. I'm sure the previous owners thought, "who is going to buy these?" and I thought, "what a steal!".

Yep, all of them used to have wicker seats with huge holes in them. This is what they looked like after we removed the straggling wicker pieces (Step 1).

Step 2: Have your hubby purchase plywood from Lowe's, use a jigsaw to cut to the correct shape and then router the bottom to fit snuggly into the seat hole.

Step 3: Purchase fun printed upholstery fabric and quilt batting for the cushions.

Step 4: Cut fabric and batting accordingly, tightly wrap around the plywood insert, adhere with heavy duty staple gun, screw entire piece to chair and tada!
Franklin is always such a big helper. :)
We also purchased an arm chair for $5 at the same garage sale that just needed updated fabric on the cushion (used to be wild animal print that just doesn't go with my decor).
I think I'd like to paint these chairs white eventually, but for now, we got these chairs updated in a day and now have four more places for people to sit on Thursday for turkey day!

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  1. I freaking LOVE this idea! When we buy a house, I am going to do this...