Weekend Recap

16.11.09 Ali Moore 2 Comments

Andrew and I had a BUSY weekend, but a good one, too.

Andrew had to work until midnight on Friday night. Boo. BUT, it was his last weird shift ever! Thank goodness. I did not sign up to be at home by myself every night. So glad this is behind us. I packed up myself and Franklin for the weekend and went to bed after reading for a bit. I know, I am exciting. (Side note, I'm reading The Pact by Jodi Piccoult...so good! She has to be one of my favorite authors.)

Saturday arrives too early and we are on the road by 7:30am heading to Manhattan and hopeful for a victory. Wrong. We NEVER leave a game early, and with three minutes to go Andrew had had enough. Saturday afternoon we drove to Hiawatha, spent some time with his fam, and then I left Frank and Andrew at the farm and went in to play with our niece Quinn.

Wake up Sunday morning, go to church, head to Andrew's parents for lunch. Back into Hiwatha for Quinn's 2nd birthday party and then depart for Wichita at 6pm.

Franklin had a blast on the farm, but came home filthy and with a bad case of diarhhea. Oh, the joys of being a "parent". He managed not to have any accidents in the truck, but we did have to pull over twice so he could relieve himself.

Woke up this morning to a nasty smell (hmmm, this sounds familiar...anyone remember Halloween 2006?!). Franklin is not over his case of the poops so Andrew and I had to clean up a mess (laundry, cleaning the floor and hosing off the kennel) and give the dog a 6:30am bath. Fun times!

Despite that, it was so nice being back in Hiawatha around family. Here's some cute pictures of Quinn at her party. She was so funny to watch open presents and hear her squeal and giggle with every Dora or Ariel present she discovered. Christmas should be so entertaining this year!

Quinn after finishing Dora cake and ice cream.

Halley and I taking a timeout from our cake and beverage waitress duties.

Quinn getting the hang of what this is really all about. :)
Lucas and Quinn going for the big gift together. Who knew the kitchen set was assembly required? Good luck with that, parents. :)
Quinn loving on her baby Ariel doll.


  1. I LOVE jodi picoult. She is for sure one of my all time favorites. The Pact is really good!! So is her newer book- Change of Heart :) Can't put them down!

    PS Quinn is a cutie!

  2. What a sweetheart! Oh.. and I totally remember Halloween 2006. Who could forget?!?