A Case of the Mondays

9.11.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Andrew and I had such a good weekend with our friends in Manhattan that I think it made Monday even more of a reality check than normal.

Franklin woke up barking in his kennel an hour earlier than we usually get up. He NEVER does this.

It rained this morning so when we went for our daily morning walk, he was filthy by the time we got back home.

Work was full speed ahead the second I woke up and checked my Blackberry. I literally couldn't keep up with emails. This NEVER happens to me.

I finally went to buy the printer/scanner/fax machine that my agency wanted me to get months ago. I picked out the wireless printer with Andrew's help over lunch and came home to set it up. Three hours later I couldn't figure out why the wireless feature wouldn't work. Three hours and one minute later I figured out I had gotten the wrong printer. It's not wireless.

Franklin has discovered there is a whole new world of fun things he is not supposed to play with on our end tables, dining room table, desk, anywhere just above his head that is fun to jump up on and snatch things away to play keep-away from us.

It rains and is dreary pretty much all day so Franklin is stuck inside to terrorize me. He continues to hump me (but NEVER Andrew) 10+ times a day.

Back to the office store to pick up the actual version of the wireless printer I intended to purchase the first time. The sales clerk tells me it's not the same price. Finally they look in the ad - it is the same price.

Drive home with Franklin hovering on my lap as I try to stay in my lane through the dark, rainy sky.

Setting up the second (and hopefully the final) printer/scanner/fax. Franklin is sleeping. It's 9pm, I am almost done with work today which means I will soon be in my bed. Which means tomorrow will be here soon, and I can start over.

And, maybe with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Sbucks. :)