Thanksgiving, Here We Come!

23.11.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

As many of you have already heard, Andrew and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year for both of our families. We volunteered because we thought it would be really fun since we just bought and moved into our first house at the end of July. And, I still think it will be fun. I get really excited for entertaining, and I'm really pumped to actually have an excuse to buy flowers for centerpieces on our table.

However, it is so much work! Most self-induced because our families are casual and no one's expectations are out of control. But, we really thought it would be a good motivator to get lots of small projects around the house done so we used Thanksgiving as our end goal-date to get our list of 20+ projects completed.

After a great time in Kansas City at Vanessa and Chris Calcara's wedding (woohoo!) we knew we had to be productive on Sunday to prepare for this week. I still have laundry and lots of cleaning to do, plus a second round of grocery shopping, but we are getting so close to being ready!

Here's what we've accomplished so far (check out the links for previously posted pics):
1. Sand and paint $50 Craig's List table and chairs purchase
2. Clean windows and blinds (what a chore, especially when it's clear the previous owner ignored this yearly to-do)
3. Paint exterior shutters and front door
4. Hang K-State flag on porch (still hanging proudly even though our FB season is over)
5. Install solar sidewalk lights (even did this myself since it was so easy!)
6. Hang window pane and insert pictures in guest room
7. Hang family wedding pics in guest room
8. Line bathroom drawers and organize (I'm a nerd, and I actually had fun doing this.)
9. Garage door/family room kick plates (had to cover up the old cat/doggy door)
10. Insert threshold separators (is that even the correct terminology?) in entryway and between living room and family room
11. Get the purple dragon, a.k.a. Andrew's massive truck in our garage (it fits, but just barely!)
12. Purchase a dehumidifier for our basement (what a difference it makes, no more smelly basement!)
13. Clean the basement (have to get ready for the guests...)
14. Organize front closet (and tear out the original yellow super smelly shag carpet lining the bench)
15. Sand bathroom door (closes now without a hitch)
16. Salvage $5 garage sale chairs
17. Rake leaves, clean gutters, rake leaves, clean gutters, repeat, repeat, repeat. :)

Not to mention, the five rooms and hallway we painted after moving in, installing a new garage/backyard door, work, cleaning out the fridge and freezer this weekend, attending weddings, K-State home football games and trying to have a life besides our house.

The only things we have on our "to do by T-giving!" list are:
1. Winterize our sprinklers
2. Purchase a second garage door opener for Andrew and program the exterior keypad
3. Touch up the paint in the guest room
4. Touch up the paint in the living room

So I think we're going to make it. It will be crazy at our house over the next three days, but I am really hoping we can be done. Wish us luck!