Christmas Lists

28.11.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I recently told my dad I knew I was growing up and becoming more of a "real" adult because of the items I had been writing down on this year's Christmas list.

I still have a few of the normal items I probably had several years ago like gift cards to buy myself clothes or a new coat, etc. but I also have really grownup items.

1. Space heater for my home office (I mean this is the epitome of my dad. I might as well call myself Larry.) :)
2. Sheets for our bed (I feel like my grandma got these pretty frequently for Christmas.)
3. Gardening gloves (preparing myself for spring landscaping projects around our house!)
4. Travel coffee mug (coffee = adult)

But, my dad really made me realize even though I'm growing up I'm still a child because he said when you get to be his age, all you want on your list is for your kids to be home with you. And maybe a new sweater. :)

I'm really thankful to have such great, supportive parents. And, I will be home for Christmas.

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