Wedding Pictures

23.11.09 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I think I previously mentioned having a fun idea to fill a wall in our newly painted guest room. A few weeks ago, Andrew made me stick to my guns, and we created this super cute wall collage of immediate family wedding photos.
It's so fun to go in and look at the creepy similarities between my grandpa, dad and brother, my mom and me and Andrew and his dad. We're still hoping to collect a few more and add them once more family weddings take place, but for now, our little guest room wall will suffice for our "family tree". :)

These pictures of the pictures aren't good quality, but aren't old wedding pics just the best?

My dad's parents:
Andrew's parents:
And, my parents:
And, we re-purposed an old black table into a white night stand for the guest room. Guest room is finished! For now...

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