Still Outnumbered

28.11.09 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Before Andrew's side of the family had to head back to Hiawatha on Thursday afternoon after Thanksgiving dinner we took a family photo. I think it turned out really cute. We used the bench Andrew made me for our 2nd-year anniversary (when we were dating in high school) and set everyone around it in the backyard of our house.

We even got Zach to kind of smile, but don't ask him to smile with his teeth showing or his eyes close. I told him to practice for next year.

Anyways, I guess Ruth, Lori and I better get used to always being outnumbered by the boys because Luke and Lori found out on Wednesday that their baby due in April will be a boy!

We are really excited to buy cute little blue boy clothes. My brother Noel and sister-in-law Hillary are expecting their second daughter in March so it will be fun to have "one of each kind" as Andrew says. :)