Comments Needed

2.11.09 Ali Moore 3 Comments

Andrew took Franklin to the vet this afternoon to get his blood work done for his surgery. You know, the one. Well, he didn't want to get it done because once things are all said and done it will cost about $300. Which is expensive, I realize. But, it's also convenient because we know and like the vet. I refuse to go all over town trying to find someone to do it cheaper. So, I tell Andrew to take care of it. Either we just suck it up and pay for it, or he finds an alternative.

So, the boys come back from the vet, Andrew has decided we will not be getting rid of Franklin's jewels. He wants to breed him.



  1. Andrew doesn't want to get rid of Franklin's man hood? Somehow I could have seen this one coming... ;) I say do it! My parents waited too long on our lab because they wanted to breed him. He settled down so much after they did it and he was so much more manageable.. Sorry Randrew...

  2. My parents didn't get rid of Puddles' man hood right away....we actually attempted to breed him with Mandie...Kate Swain's dog. But all the baby puppies died- it was so sad! But after he got to "do it" once my parents figured that was enough. I think he was happy for his one shining moment, but everyone was happier when he wasn't humping everything imaginable!!!

  3. I don't really have an opinion about this... You wouldn't have the mother, so wouldn't have to deal with all the pups, but then again, i hate red rockets and humping... a male dog can smell a female dog in heat from over a mile away (one that isn't fixed) so they will do what ever it takes to get to that female and try to escape out of the yard. If you already have his blood work done, though, then you know he is not carrying any type of disease he could pass down. He is obviously good looking.. so, it is up to you :)