At Least We Did Something

3.5.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Well, we didn't even get close to spreading the 50 bags of mulch purchased last week. We got a late start on Saturday and ended up spending most of the day cleaning our house. Thanks, Franklin, for the crazy amounts of hair you leave on our floors.

But, we did get the garage much more organized on Sunday. Andrew's huge truck even fits. Barely. Yeah!

Only after I took Franklin for a long walk though. He has a new harness that he can't slip out of, and I think he realized walking is a lot harder when you don't start and stop so much and lay in people's yards. :)
Our garage had become pretty crazy since Mitch and Andrew used it as their workspace when building the family room cabinet.
After it was more organized and swept, Andrew aged 30 years and told me he really likes sitting in the garage and drinking beer. Oh geez.
We even got my bike tires aired up. I got this bike for my 10th birthday, and it's been at my parents house for years and years.

I feel like I'm a kid again cruising around Hiawatha. Better call up Halley and tell her I'll meet her at the Sweet Tooth in ten. Only if my mom says it's okay. :)