Yard Work

6.5.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Yep, still haven't spread around all 50 bags of mulch. Probably not even 25 of them. But, we did update the flower bed directly to the left of our backyard patio.

We have tons and tons of ideas for our backyard space - fire pit, pergola, wisteria, peonies, hydrangeas, grass that grows - haha, etc. However, we're trying to cut back on our remodeling spending so those will have to wait. (Apparently Andrew is serious about buying himself a camaro on his next birthday...) But, I thought this quick project was a good start to our outdoor updates.

What a difference just moving a few plants around makes. Nothing a few edging stones and mulch can't hurt, either!

(Who am I? When did I start saying these things???)