Uncle Andy and Aunt Ali

19.5.10 Ali Moore 2 Comments

We're getting ready for a full weekend of being Uncle Andy and Aunt Ali. Planning on spending the weekend at Quinn and Brynnan's house, including a night of babysitting on Saturday night, plus a quick trip to St. Joe to see baby nephew Leyton. We haven't seen him since his birth day so I'm thinking he will have changed a lot!

In honor of the baby filled weekend I made a few presents. I don't know what it is, but I have been in a very crafty mood lately.

Cute monograms for each little bugger to hang on their respective bedroom wall.

Q for Quinnie:B for Brynnan:
L for Leyton:
These were really easy and fun to make, and I think they just pop in the white frame and matting. Just chose colors and fonts in Illustrator, printed at Kinko's and hello instant art!

I'm going to try and get pictures of the kiddos with their respective letters this weekend so stay tuned for a crazy amount of baby pics!