Family Room Update

3.5.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I have only done a bit of decorating in our newly renovated family room. I feel like once our couch arrives I'll be more inspired. Too bad it doesn't come until June 8th. Boo! Andrew has already been buy a new TV that he apparently built the cabinet around. Why didn't I think of that? I guess the current 20-inch is not acceptable.

I have hung my painting and put a few things on the shelves of our cute cabinet with wainscoting backing, plus started the base of a photo collage...which I definitely intend to add to once I get better at using my new camera.And, big news! Franklin has graduated from his kennel. He sleeps on his bed at night in our room and doesn't tear things up when we're gone during the day. What a big boy. :)

However, now I have a big empty space along the wall between our dining room and family room. I want to find a piece of furniture that can be used for a dry bar. Something used that I can possibly I come Craig's List!