Family Time

11.5.10 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I have been trying to get this update posted for a week, but the internet has been against me. So here goes...

Andrew and I spent quite a bit of time on the road two weekends ago visiting both of our families, but it was worth it. After all, it was Mother's Day weekend! We had a great time in Iowa, and my mom had planned for us to go visit a local winery. I know what you are thinking - winery in Iowa. But, it surpassed our expectations - really cute and eclectic. And, pretty good wine!They had built their tasting room into one of the Iowa bluffs and it felt like we were in the middle of a forest; seriously, the trees were surrounding us.What a fun way to spend time with my mom and dad!
We stopped in Hiawatha on the way back to Wichita and had a great time with Andrew's parents and celebrated Mother's Day with Ruth - a wonderful mom, too. :)

We are blessed!

Only downfall of the weekend - Franklin ran into the electric fence for the cows and shocked himself. Twice. Poor little guy, he was traumatized!