Many Marks

1.2.12 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I hit the 24 week mark this past Saturday.

This signifies entering into our six-month of pregnancy.  SIXTH!
And hitting the 10 pounds gained mark.  And celebrating Andrew's 26th birthday. 

And buying actual maternity clothes.

I did it.  I bit the bullet.

I made a solo day trip to Kansas City for Emily and Baby Jackson's shower and squeezed in a quick trip to Destination Maternity which has Pea in the Pod clothing.  It can be pricey, but seems to be great quality and much cuter than everything I kept finding here at our Wichita Motherhood Maternity. 

So, I bought a few basics to get me by for a while. One pair of skinny jeans, one workout tank for prenatal yoga class on Sundays and a really cute 3/4 quarter-sleeved navy dress that can be dressed up or down as needed.  I figure I can hit up Target and Old Navy in town as I need things, and then look online at Gap and Loft too.  It's just annoying to buy clothes that will only be worn for less than four months.

Of course, today is February 1 which marks the beginning of no-spend month and our swear jar competition.  Last year, we did this in January, but with baby room projects going on, we never would have made it through the month without buying things considered "extras".

I'm not sure we are super motivated for no-spend month.  Andrew said we could just do it until someone slips and then they owe the other person $50 as they surrender.  I told him I would just give him $50 now.  But, I'll see how far I make it into the month.  Typically clothes are an illegal purchase during no-spend month, but I think maternity clothes should be an exception.   

If not, I can just see how much longer my normal clothes fit or cave and fork over $50.  I'm sure I can make that back from Andrew's swear jar.  Each swear is $1 this year instead of a quarter, and if K-State keeps losing, it won't take me long to get there. 


I had a major pregnant moment on Monday. 

As mentioned, I went to Kansas City on Saturday.  Well, I also had a shoot that morning, watched the Cats play that night with friends when I got back into town, and then Sunday cleaned like a mad woman all day and had another shoot before we had the normal group over for dinner and cake/ice cream for baby daddy's birthday.  Monday was so crazy at work with a bazillion meetings, and I didn't get home until close to 7pm.  Andrew was off work that day and had made dinner.  So sweet.  Except it wasn't ready.  And, I was starving.  And exhausted.  And impatiently waited for an hour.
And it still wasn't ready.

So I did the completely normal and sane thing and started crying and continued for a good 10 minutes.  I made a peanut butter sandwich and just stood at the counter crying.  Then Andrew got annoyed because I could not get myself together, which made me cry more, and I took my sandwich into the bedroom and just stood there and cried some more.  Ha. 


I feel like I've really kept my emotions in check for the most part during the first half of the pregnancy, but there was no holding this back. 

Yikes.  Glad that's behind us.

And in more baby-related news, I have yet to really crave anything, but there are a few items that popping up on my plate lately.
1. Rye bread
2. Dill Pickles
3. Oranges

(And for clarification, these are not all eaten together.)

Oh, Baby M, why are you making me a crazy person?