Wear and Tear

20.2.12 Ali Moore 3 Comments

I'm feeling very 27 and a half weeks pregnant today.  

I don't want to complain.  I feel like I've had such a good pregnancy thus far.  My energy level is good, I have yet to get sick, and I am loving being pregnant - all the movements, milestones and anticipation of what's to come.  

But, I feel like I'm hitting that point where my body is starting to show some wear and tear.

My back hurts.  In no less than three places.

I lose my breath climbing one flight of stairs.

And, when I went to the gym, I made a mistake and weighed myself and couldn't believe the scale when it said I had gained about five pounds since my last appointment three and a half weeks ago.  Come again?  I have been so excited about only gaining a couple of pounds between each appointment.  I wasn't ready for this.

I know in end all that matters is that our little bean is healthy, but selfishly I also don't want to be a whale at the end of our short three months to go.  

Just being honest.

I would feel like this forever for our little one.  It's just nice it only lasts for a bit more.

And that I cashed in on my V-Day gift and got a massage tonight.  Mmm.


Franklin wants everyone to know not to feel bad for him even though Pat and Pat's room are getting so much attention.  

As long as he gets his breakfast and 2-mile walk in every morning, he is one happy boy.

That, and plus he got a new bed.

Clearly he enjoys it.

Clearly I need to vacuum.

One of these days.


  1. I was just telling my mom how wonderful you look! Hang in there...May will be here before you know it :)

  2. That very same thing happened to me, except I think it was five lbs in two weeks, so don't feel bad! That's when I stopped keeping track :) Little M is just plumping up, which means he or she is healthy. Can't wait for May!

  3. You look fantastic Ali! Don't worry about the extra pounds, it will all come off with time. I'm still telling myself that:). Each time you and your little angel lock eyes, you will be reminded just how worth it the unglamorous changes are.